Guide to Your Ocean Adventures

Reading Oshaun's kayak review before making my purchase was the best decision I've made in my life.

Mason Muchodo

I would've bought a kayak that wouldn't even fit in my car if I didn't find this blog. Thanks Oshaun!

Jack Pan
I bought Sea Eagle 350fx for kayak fishing and I really like it. Thanks for the recommendation.
Zack Parsons

A Kayak for Your Needs

Three simple ways to choose yours today.


Affordable but yet durable

Portable and fits in your car

Easy to store

Wide range of choices

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Enough space to store fishing equipment

Convenient features: rod holder, fish ruler, etc.

Wide range of selection

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Enjoy paddling with your children

Enough storage for your long trip

Save money! Buy one for 2-3 people

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Questions I get asked the most...

Please feel free to ask me if you have more questions.


Hey guys, Shaun here. I'm a watersports lover, thus the reason why I've decided to name my blog Oshaun.(sounds like ocean!) Choosing watersports equipments can be quite tricky as they're not cheap. After struggling here and there, I've decided to review based on my real experiences.

What I Look For when making a purchase

01. Dimensions
Length: Speed
Width: Stability
Hull Weight: Portability

02. Price
Promotion & Holiday Sale
Shipping Cost
Best Value Products

03.  Refund Policy
Warranty Years
Risk Free Refund Period

04. Accessories
Variety of Selection

My reviews are based on...


I like being transparent and honest in every situation, and that also implies to here. You'll find a lot of reviews on Sea Eagle kayaks, and that is because of their generous refund policy, accepting product returns even after trying them out.  I also earn a small amount of commission when you buy a product through my links. This helps me review more products and keep my blog up-to-date.

value for money

I consider this as the most important factor. In the beginning stage, I was always leaning towards choosing the cheapest option possible when selecting  a kayak. Until I started noticing... that these kayaks never lasted long, nor had a great warranty.  Every since then, I started putting in some legwork to find the one that provides the most value.

real experience

My first kayak was hard-shell type. There are pros and cons for hard-shell kayaks, but I personally prefer inflatable kayaks due to limited storage place. Most important things to consider when buying a kayak is portability, storage place, and dimension. I will provide tips for choosing right kayak for you and real reviews based on my experience.