About Me, Shaun Chung


Hello My Friends,


Thank you for visiting my website OSHAUN.


My name is Shaun Chung.

I created this website OSHAUN to share information about kayaking and kayak fishing.

I will also update other water sports activities such as Kiteboarding, Stand-up Paddleboarding, Snorkeling, etc. as I go along by trying them for myself.


Throughout running this website, I will

– introduce each water sports activity, so it gives an idea to people who want to begin one as their hobby

– share useful information and tips on each water sports activity

– provide reviews and recommendations on gears and equipment

– provide reviews on lessons or camps after I try them out if there is any

– construct forum page, so people who visit this website can communicate each other and share useful information on water sports activities.


Now, I will talk about my story how I got into kayaking and kayak fishing.

I am sure many of you are very interested in fishing or love fishing already.

I first started fishing in 2017 from my home country, South Korea, while I had a chance to stay there for about 7 months.

This is my first bass in my life. I caught from a reservoir called “U-Guem-Ji.”


In Korea, bass fishing is very popular, and there are many fishing spots where you can get to it by just wearing boots or waders. Also, there are some places you can rent a boat with electric motor. Most of rivers and lakes are full of largemouth bass. If you really like bass fishing, I recommend you to visit Korea once. Most of the fishing spots are surrounded by the mountains along the rivers, so the scenery is just amazing.

So after I came back to Canada from Korea, I tried to look for places for fishing. Many places I found from Google were already full of fishermen/fisherwomen. So, it was really tough to get a bite. I tried to explore my own fishing spots by trying out many ponds, rivers, reservoirs, and random places with water shown on the Google Map. But it was very difficult to find good places.

At some point, I felt that I was too restricted for exploring fishing spots by just walking. So I wanted to have a boat and went to Bass Pro Shop just to get an idea how much the fishing boats are. It was really expensive than I thought… I was 27 years old. There was no way I could afford it. Also, there were lots of things to consider even if I had money to own the boat like insurance, maintenance, sports trailer, storage place, license, etc.

I did research and first came to know about kayak fishing. There were already so many people enjoying kayak fishing and lots of clubs out there I could join. On one of my posts about fishing kayaks, I have briefly compared kayak with boat by listing pros and cons.

After doing more research and checking out some outdoor shops to see fishing kayaks, first thing that comes to my mind was how should I transport this kayak if I buy it. It was much longer and much heavier than I thought. I had no roofrails installed on my car and still had 3 years of lease contract left. I tried to look for some rack products that holds kayak on the roof of my car without having roofrails installed, but it seems like it will definitely make damages to my car when loading and unloading kayak. Also it didn’t look safe to me as well. I didn’t want to take a risk of kayak falling off on the road while I am driving.

I did more research and found a kayak with shorter length. The size was 8’8″(L) x 30.7”(W). I drove 2 hours to get to the kayak shop.

I asked to the shop owner if I can first try to load the kayak to see whether it fits in my car before I buy it. My car is 2017 Honda CRV. After folding the back seat and adjusting the front seat by laying backrest all the way down, 8.8ft of hardshell kayak just fit into my car. So I just bought it without hesitating. At that moment, I didn’t consider anything that can cause problems. Actually I was not aware of things that I should have considered because it was first time me having a kayak. So, I want you to consider the following things if you are planning to buy one.

First thing I should have considered is storage place. My kayak is currently taking lots of spaces in my living room. It is possible to store it in my living room, but every time my family passes by they say it takes too much spaces in our living room.

When you buy your kayak especially hard-shell kayak, you first have to make sure that you have a place to store your kayak. If you are living in a condo, or an apartment where space is limited, I highly recommend buying an inflatable kayak. There is no way you can move hardshell kayak to your unit using elevator every time you go for kayaking.

When you consider buying a kayak, choosing the right size to you is very important. You should be able to handle your kayak easily when transporting and when you are kayaking on the water. You should be able to lift your kayak and load it to your car. 8’8” length of kayak is pretty short, so I don’t have any problem lifting and loading my kayak. While you are kayaking, make sure that you are strong enough to flip your kayak when it is flipped over.

I am a 180cm and 80kg man. However I still can’t imagine having longer vessesl kayaks and loading it to the car alone. It is much heavier than you think because of the length. At the beginning, when I was loading my kayak to my CRV, I almost broke my side mirror. Make sure you get the right size if you are going to buy hardshell kayak.

Lastly, sometimes you may want to bring your kayak to where you are going for camping with your friends or family.  If you are thinking to carry your kayak inside the car like me, you can’t have anyone in your car other than your kayak. So your friends or family need to have extra car to travel with. I had several times like this, so I often regret on buying a hardshelll kayak as my first kayak.

If you want to try kayaking or kayak fishing and planning to buy a kayak, make sure that you have considered TWO things first: Transport and Storage.