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OSHAUN has created for offering people a premier platform where they can find online water sports activities information and a wide range of sporting gears, equipment, and accessories.

OSHAUN is a leading online platform offering reviews on a comprehensive range of water sports and related products. I aim to provide the right information about each activity and review the associated products by personal experience. The idea behind creating OSHAUN is to give an idea to people who want to be any water sport as a hobby.

So whether you need information regarding Kiteboarding, Snorkeling, or Stand-up Paddleboarding, you will get to know about the right information and tips on each water sports activity. I will provide a detailed review and recommendation on each gear and equipment, and also will provide reviews on lessons and camps, only after trying myself.

Right now, this website is related to everything you need to know about Kayaking and kayak fishing. You can find the related blogs, reviews, and tip on Kayaking and kayak fishing.

What’s OSHAUN all about?

Do you love fishes and doing fishing?

If so, and you are interested in knowing more about kayaking, then OSHAUN is a platform where you can find every detail on kayaking and kayak fishing.

Based on personal experience, I’m going to share the related information of other water sports activities, and the gears that can help you.


OSHAUN is not an overnight dream, but years of hard work and struggle.

Hi, myself Shaun Chung, and a fish lover. I started fishing back in 2017 from my home country, South Korea. In Korea, bass fishing is very popular, and there’re many fishing spots there. You can simply rent a boat with an electric motor and can enjoy fishing.

But my stay in Korea was not more than seven months, and I had to come back to Canada. Here I tried to find fishing spots, but that was not easy at all.

I always dreamt of pursuing my career in the fishing industry, but that was not easy. I tried to explore fishing spots on my own by trying out many rivers, ponds, and random places shown on Google Map, but all in vain.

Then I decided to take the initiative and go outside to search for the place. From that point, my life took a U-turn.  I did research and came to know about Kayak fishing. There were a lot of people who already enjoyed kayak fishing and lots of clubs out there I could join.

From that point, I started researching the market and started work on providing information about Kayak fishing. I went out to find shops and buy a kayak to experience this beautiful activity and give a detailed review personally.

Somehow after doing a lot of struggle, I was able to find the right product for me, and from that day I decided to help others just like me to know more about kayak fishing and other water sports.

What’s Interesting?

By visiting my blog, you don’t need to go anywhere to find the related information about a particular product.

That means if you are interested in knowing about Kayak fishing, I let you ensure you I will do my best to share all the regarding details about it.

Your decisions will be based on real experiences and reviews!

My Mission

OSHAUN aims to educate and create a fun environment while providing all users with the right information on the water sports they need and also the related gear and what factors need to consider.

In simple words, I share everything from reviews, tips, to choosing right gears and equipment.

For the first time, there’s a platform for everyone—from individuals to fisherman who have questions about the correct equipment to purchase and knowledge about a particular water sport.

My Vision

To be the leading review blog on sports activities, OSHAUN is here to be the leading online website where people can find the required information about Kayaking and other water sports activities and detailed review on them.

I believe in experiencing and sharing with others.

What Makes OHSAUN different from others?

Real Experiences:

The thing that makes OSHAUN a different platform from others is I’m here to provide you every detailed based on real experience.

Yes, I am not going to follow the traditional rule to share anything based on someone’s other experience.

Instead, everything here will be shared based on real experience, and the reviews will be original.

So keep in touch with me because everything is going to be super-excited!

Authentic Information:

The information I share on OSHAUN is 100% authentic and will be based on real information.

Whatever it is, whether it’s about the sports tips, ways, or even about the related gears and equipment, we aim to offer 100% authentic information.

So always keep in touch with me, and you can find the real information you need to know.

Contact Me

Do you have any query regarding my blog? Do you need to know about a particular water sport or have something to share?

Whatever it is, get in touch with me. You can reach me via contact page. I will get in touch with you ASAP!

Have a happy kayak fishing! 🙂