Best Places for Kayak Fishing in US (50 States)

Kayaking is an activity that tests your whole body, along with your skills to sustain energy and show quick wit. But combine kayaking and fishing – what do you get? You get a unique sports activity that makes an exciting trip even more exciting than you anticipated.

The most important part of kayak fishing includes sensational destinations. No doubts, the United States have breath-taking and captivating places to explore the gratifying reality of kayak fishing.

Now, let’s explore the whole of America and reel in the best Kayak fishing areas.



  1. Sipsey River

It is one of the most unique rivers in the state with valuable aquatic resources. The river has a high population of mussels. There also have several species of freshwater and sport fishes including shiners, darters, shad, and more.

  1. Paint Rock River

It contains diverse aquatic lives including 100 species of fish and 45 species of mussels. It is a pretty place with a swift current and a shallow river.

  1. Black Warrior River

This is a good place for bass fishing. There are different sections of the Black Warrior River with different species of aquatic lives.



  1. Kenai River

The Kenai River is environmental friendly for Kayak fishing. It is one of the most popular spots for fishing In Alaska. Kenai River is known for its king salmon, using very large in size. The largest king salmon was caught in Kenai River and weighed 97.4 lbs.

  1. Seward/ Resurrection Bay

Almost all species of salmons are found here including Chinook salmon, Coho salmon, sockeye salmon. The scenery is beautiful with camping spots and snow covered peak.

  1. Ketchikan

This is the Salmon Capital of the world. For salmon and halibut charters fishing, Ketchikan is your plug.






  1. Blue Ridge Reservoir

This River has a spectacular view. The water is narrow, calm and offers enough privacy to fish.

  1. Lower Salt River

This is a very great place for beginner kayakers. The water is smooth, cool and the scenery is picturesque.

  1. Lone Rock Canyon

The view here is very beautiful and be sure to experience a memorable kayak fishing. The water is a good spot for fishing and it’s surrounded by beaches for walks.



  1. White River

This is perfect for trout fishing. Apart from trout, the river has diverse fishes including bass and bream.

  1. Little Red River

Another river famous for trout is the little red river. A perfect location for fly fishing as thousands of trout is stocked there every year.

  1. DeGray Lake

Although this is a man-made water body, the fishing spot contains different species of bass and catfish.

  1. Lake Ouachita

The water is clean which earned it the name Diamond Lake. The lake is stocked with several fishes like bass, bream, catfish, rainbow trout etc.



  1. Channel Islands National Park

To have full experience here, it is best to stay within the camp. The island is home to diverse fishes like yellowtail calico, white-sea bass, lobster, halibut and many more.

  1. Clear Lake

Clear Lake is one of the largest natural freshwater lakes in California. Wonderful kayak fishing can be experienced here with the sheltered shore of the lake and the diverse species of fishes especially Bass.

  1. Mendocino County

Fishing is best here during spring and fall. It has a large population of rockfish, lincod, Chinook salmon, halibut, albacore and crap.



  1. Navajo Reservoir

The sight is spectacular and the reservoir is huge, ideal for kayak fishing. The Navajo reservoir is usually filled with a lot of people all year round.

  1. Pueblo Lake

This Lake offers recreational fishing. The lake is over 4,600 surface acres of water, 60 miles of shoreline and an extensive area for sightseeing, boating and camping.

  1. Bear Creek Lake

The species of fish include catfish, bluegill, largemouth bass, panfish, black crappie etc.

The lake also offers handicapped-accessible pier. A fishing licence is required for 16-year-olds and above.



  1. Nehantic State Forest

Great place for beginners kayakers. However, it is necessary to bring your kayak to the place as rental facilities are not available.

  1. Kent Falls State Park:

The scenery is beautiful with cascading waterfalls. Fishing is done in streams leading to the waterfall.



  1. Killens Pond

Offers a large amount of large-mouth bass and diverse fishes like catfish, carp, perch, pickerel, etc.Also available are boat launch facilities, shore access and cabins for those who want to extend their fishing trip.

  1. White Clay Creek

White Clay Creek provides enough of game fish like crappie, rainbow and brown trout, largemouth bass, and more.

The trout fishing season runs from the first Saturday in April through the end of June.

  1. Indian River Marina

This is one of the best fishing places in Delaware. It offers both offshore and inshore fishing. They also hold fishing tournaments.



  1. Indian River Lagoon

The Indian River Lagoon is indeed remarkable! From its unique terrestrial location to its warm and torrid ecosystem, kayakers will love the voyage here.

It includes simple access to the best fishing area and a vast variety of fishing spots. Famous for large snook, the lagoon is generally acclaimed to provide the world-record marked sea fish weighing over 17 pounds.

  1. Martin County Stuart

This place offers inshore and offshore fishing. There’s a wide range of species but depends on the season of the year.

  1. Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County is best for fishing all year round no matter the season. Here, you’ll find species of fish such as bluefish, pompano, sharks, tarpon, and more.

  1. Delray Beach:

Here’s an amazing plug for kayak fishing all year round.Peacock Bass fishing is great in winter. Mullets in fall and spring. Tarpon and Snook in summer.



  1. Altamaha River

This is one of the greatest places for kayaking in Georgia. It is home to many diverse species.

  1. Chattahoochee River

Different species like trout, bass, catfish available all year round. A fishing license is required for people of ages 16 to 64 for residents. For non-resident anglers 16 and above must have a trout stamp.

  1. Fort Yargo State Park

This park has a lake convenient for kayaking. Kayak instructors and classes available to maximize the experience.



  1. Napali Coast:

This is a secluded spot perfect for kayaking. It includes beautiful scenery with ice-cold waterfalls, valleys, and secluded beaches.Fishing is only available during summer.

  1. Kona Coast

Hawaii has abundant things to offer, and kayak fishing is on its top list! Experiencing the excitement of kayak fishing on this coast brings happiness.

With the Ocean off the west side and the blue water close to the coast, the area is a kayak anglers’ dream.

Most enthusiasts prefer Kona Coast because big fishes hide here; you can catch some big gray snapper and tuna.

  1. Kealakekua Bay

You need a permit before kayaking. Also, it includes several fishing spots and aquatic species including dolphins and yellow fins.



  1. Pack River

Most of the shores are owned by private individuals but kayakers can play in the upper river.

  1. Clark Fork River

Beautiful scenery and calm water, perfect for kayaking. However, the river only opens from April through September.

  1. Snake River

Offers kayaking for people of any age, children are allowed if an adult is present to watch over.



  1. Argyle Lake State Park

This lake has diverse aquatic lives including turtle and kingfisher and the serenity will silence you.

  1. Chicago River

The scenes are breath-taking and it’s a good place for beginner kayakers. Yes, includes fishing opportunities where simple bites for largemouth bass, brown trout, mountain whitefish, yellow perch, northern pike, and kokanee are addictive.



  1. Sugar Creek

The sugar creek provides several kayaking opportunities with offered guides and rental options.

  1. Lake Monroe

Lake Monroe is a calm and peaceful lake with several spaces for kayakers. The artistic beauty of this lake will still be on edge. Indeed, it’s the best place for trout fishing. So make sure you get those bobbers ready!



  1. Terry True-blood Recreation Area

The lake is about 95 acres and contains fishes like brook trout or walleye.

  1. The Upper Iowa River

The 300-foot-tall limestone cliffs make the river unlike anything else. It is best to come camping to fully enjoy kayaking.

  1. Charles City Whitewater Park

This is a safe kayaking space suitable to explore without danger that comes with a natural river.



  1. Kansas River

The Kansas River offers about 173 miles of paddling through a beautiful landscape. It’s filled with a beautiful view, and various fish species would land in your hooks. Get ready to reel in some speckled trout, redfish, flounder and crappie.

  1. Fleming Park

The Fleming Park is perfect for Kayaking all year long with different species of fishes.

  1. Missouri River

This is North America longest river. They offer kayaking through all seasons including winter.



  1. Little River Kayaks

They provide training for beginners so no need to worry if you are starting out.

  1. Kentucky River

The Kentucky River is a small river with little depth of 10-15 feet. Indeed, it’s a friendly place for kayakers with calm waters.



  1. Lake Martin

The lake is surrounded by dense forest and cypress swap terrain that makes kayaking exciting.

  1. Atchafalaya River

A suitable park for kayaking, the fishes found here include craps, turtles. The water current is mild and you can paddle for at least 6 miles.

  1. Sabine Island

The island has many waterways and lakes for kayaking. It is easy to get lost here while exploring so one has to pay attention when kayaking.



  1. Ogunquit’s Tidal River

You have almost 10 miles of water to travel on. They offer guides and chart to help plan your trip.

  1. Rachel Carson Wildlife

Breath-taking views with fishing opportunities. The terrain can get quite marshy so it is best to know the tides.

  1. Biddleford Pool

The pool has water at all level of tide. Sometimes the currents can be very strong so it’s best to plan the trip with the tide.



  1. Deep Creek Lake

Home to 3,900 acres of water with shorelines, they offer kayak rentals and it’s a good spot for fishing.

  1. Youghiogheny River

Although most of the water flows through private lands, there is public access to kayakers. The area of the Upper River features class 3 to 5 white water rapids, so only experienced kayakers should attempt paddling through.

  1. Dundee Creek

Great place for beginners as the water is calm and relaxed. It includes beautiful scene and wildlife such as bald eagles, herons and ospreys.



  1. Rice Creek

The Rice Creek is fun for kayaking with swift and shallow water.

  1. Root River

The Root is one of Minnesota’s most beautiful rivers. Winding past quaint towns, and past dense forests, the area is a great beginning paddle. Also, you’ll be amazed by the rugged beauty of the driftless area.

It’s a 26 mile long with a picturesque environment that makes kayaking worth every minute.



  1. Tully Lake

Tully lake offers a lot of islands to explore with beautiful scenery. Be sure to spot beavers while kayaking.

  1. Nashua River

Nashua River has many channels and cloves with various aquatic animals including swans and herons.

  1. East Brimfield Lake

The navigable area is about 4 miles. Be sure to enjoy kayaking through clear and clean water.



  1. Big River

Big river is the perfect place for kayaking with slow-moving waters and fishing opportunities.

  1. Black River

While kayaking, you will spot wildlife and sand bluffs. The upper part of the river is a great spot for bass fishing.



  1. Pine River

This place is especially good after heavy rainfalls. Plenty of rapid white waters perfect for kayakers seeking a challenge.

  1. AuSable River

Enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife while kayaking through relaxed water on an affordable budget.

  1. Canals Of Detroit

These canals have several lakes including Fox Creek, Harbor Island, Klenk Island. You can enjoy kayaking by exploring through any of the canals.



  1. Chunky River

Chunky River provides great fishing for bream, bass and catfish. The clear water and fishing opportunities make fishers consider it one of the best spot for fishing.

  1. Black Creek

Black Creek is popular in the summer months, with perfect places for camp and rental options for kayak facilities.

  1. Leaf River

A very large river, good for experienced kayakers as sandbars are frequent and make kayaking a little technical.



  1. Noxon Reservoir

Popular for bass fishing, this shoreline is beautiful. While kayaking, keep an eye out for wildlife on the shore.

  1. Blackfoot River:

This river is known for high rapids. During high rapids, it is advised that only experienced kayakers should paddle through.

  1. Big Hole River

During high tide, beginners and intermediate kayakers may not find it easy. But it offers a lot of fishing opportunities with a beauty that makes the river spectacular.



  1. Lake McConaughy

This is the largest reservoir known in Nebraska, about 35, 700 acres of water to explore. They hold fishing tournaments all through the summer months.

  1. Platte River

The Platte has many sections breaking off and re-joining at the main flow, making it a good spot to paddle and kayak.

  1. Niobrara River

There are sections of white water interesting for kayakers.Always crowded on the weekend, so weekdays are the best time to go.


  1. Colorado River

The Colorado river is a beautiful place well known through the United States. However, it’s a bad idea to kayak in this area during summer as the temperature of the area becomes very high.

  1. Black Canyon

Good for beginners as there are no rapids or rock sections that may make kayaking technical. They offer guides that teach kayaking.

  1. Lake Mead

The lake is easy to manoeuvre. If you do not own kayak equipment, the kayak Lead Mead offers a range of rental options and kayaking lessons.


New Hampshire

  1. Squam Lake

This destination is known for its scenic environment, clear waters, beautiful view that makes kayaking worthwhile.

  1. Lake Umbagog

The lake is shallow and it is often advised to get off the water by mid-afternoon. However, in the mornings, the water is beautiful and ideal for kayakers at all skill levels.

  1. Suncook River

The river boasts of several islands, marshy inlets with 60 miles shoreline.


New Jersey

  1. Cranberry Lake

Cranberry Lake offers pristine exploration for cloves and inlets. The navigable path is about 3 miles.

  1. Delaware River

You will count at least 7 sets of rapids through the trip, the river offers hundreds of miles of paddling.

  1. Manasquan Reservoir

The Manasquan Reservoir is a good spot for kayaking and fishing. Rentals options are also available.


New Mexico

  1. Quiet Waters

The water stretches 15 miles from Algodones to Alameda Bridge. Water current with class 1 rapids.

  1. Rio Chama River

The scenery is classic with towering cliffs, historical sites, heavily wooded side canyons. This place has activities suitable for everybody includes kayaking, hiking and exploring dinosaur tracks.


New York

  1. Onondaga Lake

The Onondaga Lake offers anglers a good-venue since it has a remarkable amount of fish species. You’ll never be bored at Onondaga Lake. Make sure you get good baits like worms and corns for many panfish and carps!

  1. Hudson River

The Hudson River offers a Beautiful and scenic view perfect for kayakers. But it’s only for those with a permit.

  1. Brooklyn Bridge Park

For beginners, they offer lessons. You can paddle out into the bay facing the East River.


North Carolina

  1. Merchants Millpond State Park

Millpond is 200-year-old with a scenic view and mystical nature that keeps you curious,

  1. Price Lake

They open from May to early fall. The lake is surrounded by rhododendron, mountain laurel, pines and mountains.

  1. Lake Johnson

Open all year round with marshy wetlands that make kayaking enjoyable.


North Dakota

  1. Fort Ranson State Park

They supply all canoeing and kayaking needs. Activities are available for everyone including kayaking, camping, horse riding

  1. Red River in Fargo- Moorhead

Red River in Fargo- Moorhead provides lots of water-based fun, from fishing to kayaking. They host river paddling excursions throughout the summer.



  1. Hocking River

The Hocking River is one of the best places to kayak in Ohio. They offer camping facilities for a more memorable opportunity.

  1. Mohican River

Mohican River is a slow moving river that makes kayaking enjoyable while surrounded by beautiful scenery.

  1. Lake Erie

It is necessary to consider the weather before heading here. The sea conditions change quickly and the area can become choppy.



  1. Illinois River Oklahoma

They have more than 10 resorts and launching locations with different levels of water depending on your desire.

  1. Okmulgee Lake

Please yourself with flat water kayaking. Also, you will reel in some channel catfish, crappie, largemouth bass, white bass, and sunfish. Indeed, you’ll be filled with a lot of activities here!

  1. Lower Mountain Fork River

The most popular place to kayak here is the 2-mile loop in the Beaver Bend state park.

  1. Lake of Arbuckles

Lake of Arbuckles offers beautiful scenery and kayaking spot. Also, it’s well maintained and ideal for family recreation.



  1. The Willamette River

This is the largest river in Oregon with many species of fish and wildlife.

  1. Cascade Lakes

The landscape, beauty, glaciers and volcanoes make it a fun way to enjoy kayaking.

  1. Oregon’s First Whitewater Surf Park

This is a new park that opened on the Deschutes River with an impassable river for kayakers and cool serene environment.



  1. Marsh Creek Lake

Barely a 30 minutes drive to Philadelphia, this kayak fishing spot is famous for the largest largemouth fishing in Pennsylvania! In actuality, the authorities of Pennsylvania tagged them as “Big Bass Lake.”

There are no dull moments in Pennsylvania since its home to growing populations of catfish, trophy tiger muskie, walleye, and a lot of panfish.

  1. Lehigh River

The river flows with class I, II and III rapids pushing through valleys. The river is appealing to kayakers because waters flow through Pennsylvania Scenic River.

  1. Three Rivers Water Trail

This is popular amongst kayakers and permits are not required before kayaking.

  1. Schuylkill River

The river runs through a length of 128 miles with beautiful historical and cultural landmarks. They offer kayaking tours and organize events for kayakers.


Rhode Island

  1. Wood River

The length of the river is really long with several dams that may be difficult for beginners. Its spectacular flora and fauna includes herons, beavers and muskrats.

  1. Napatree Point

Available are semi-protected waters perfect for beginners and kayakers trying to have a view of the open Atlantic.

  1. Blackstone River

This used to be a polluted river with no wildlife but after many years of restructuring, it is filled with wildlife and clean canals for kayaking.


South Carolina

  1. Congaree National Park

Congaree National Park provides free guided tour to experience kayaking to the fullest. Rich in different wildlife, the Potomac River is the best paddling destination. Enjoy the calm habitat which has a several access point in the river.

  1. Warwoman Creek

The creek includes Class III rapids, a good creek about 4 miles long and 100 feet deep. The creek is appropriate for intermediates and experienced kayakers.


South Dakota

  1. Big Sioux River

Has a good water level in springs and summer, there are dangerous dams. It is important to locate dams before setting out to kayak.

  1. Split Rock Creek

Can be hazardous for non-experienced kayakers, the stream is 8 miles long and 130 feet deep. It is one of North Dakota’s best streams for white waters enthusiasts.

  1. Roy Lake Resort

2000 acres water body about 8 miles long. It’s a popular fishing spots that offer fishing trips guides and rentals.



  1. Brazos River

It is one of the longest river in America with the miles ranging to 840 miles. Kayaking always proves a beautiful and scenic experience.

  1. Guadalupe River

From beautiful scenery to class III rapids, kayakers of any skill level will enjoy here.



  1. Caney Fork Watershed

Caney Fork Watershed is another excellent place for kayak fishing in the US! It includes streams and rivers, which offers a lot of resources to explore. With over140 miles of clear water between Knoxville and Nashville, this is a great area for kayakers and canoe.



  1. Red Fleet State Park

The Red Fleet State Park has picturesque scenery with a 750 acres reservoir. The reservoir offers everything from fishing to kayaking to hiking and dinosaur-tracking.

  1. Mirror Lake

The mirror lake is a popular fishing destination with several fish species including rainbow, brook, and more.

  1. Green River

730 miles long with a flowing river that may need using GPS or map while kayaking to avoiding being too down the stream.



  1. Lone Rock Point:

This is very good during the summer months, with beautiful scenery and activities for outdoor enthusiasts.

  1. Clyde River

Kayak, canoe, paddling point and all kinds of rentals are readily available. Guided excursions and tours are also the services they offer.

  1. Somerset Reservoir

Somerset Reservoir is a wonderful place with a great area for kayaking, swimming, mountain biking etc. they also free camping for extended stays.



  1. Flannagan Reservoir

Flannagan Reservoir features 1,143 acres of lake with rich scenery, deep waters and coves that’s perfect for kayaking.

  1. Smith River

The Smith River is perfect for beginner kayakers. Yet, the flow of water can be unpredictable from calm waters to more challenging waters.

  1. Gauley River

The Gauley River is about 105 miles long and nestled in a secluded area. So prepare to scramble, hike, and paddle. The river contains many fish species and it’s an excellent place for trout fishing.

So you must come along with good baits for big walleyes, smallmouth bass, and muskies. If you are a licensed angler with water rafting abilities, then get set for a challenging journey since you can float downriver by boat where a lot of fishes grow.



  1. Lake Chelan

There are several reasons to visit Lake Chelan. I’ll tell you why. The Lake Chelan is 50.5 miles of a lake inundated by vineyard and mountains.

It offers several activities, and kayak fishing is something that you’ll enjoy. Recognized for its world-class fishing, it delivers 500, 000 Kokanee and 10, 000 Cutthroat bustling into the Lake.

  1. Lake Washington

The lake is between Seattle and Bellevue thus its easy accessibility. There are several parks for kayaking. The lake is also a great place to fish from trout to bass.

  1. Orcas Island

The Orcas Island is a great place to kayak with calm waters and wildlife including sea lions, whales, dolphins and Orcas.


West Virginia

  1. Burnsville Lake

The lake lies on the Little Kanawha River, and it offers a lot of recreational activities. Water skiing, Kayaking, and fishing are only some of the things that sightseers come to Burnsville Lake to enjoy. What’s more, it a great place to go picnicking, hiking, and wildlife viewing.

Further, it has 60 camping sites, including a marina that provides boat rentals. Here, you’ll learn a little about the Burnsville Lake at the Bulltown, which lies at the south-eastern part of the lake.



  1. The Mighty Pine

The Mighty Pine is great for a kayak trip with Upper River meanders through farmland and wildlife area.

  1. Wisconsin River

The state’s longest river covering 430 miles. It includes different paddling areas such as Oneida County and Stevens Point Area.

  1. Flambeau River

This is north of Wisconsin River with great paddling stretches, great scenery surrounded by wild Flambeau.



  1. Snake River

The Snake River is a beautiful whitewater. Kayakers will travel through scenic settings while navigating rapids. Permits are only required for large groups.

  1. Grand Teton National Park

It is obligatory to get a permit at the park headquarters before getting access. The lake is known for sudden wind and waves and suitable for experienced kayakers.

  1. Jackson Lake

Winds and waves are common so special precaution is required at this site. The views are beautiful and it is opened from June-September.


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