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How to Remove Dead Skin on Your Heel (Moccasin Athlete’s Foot)?

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dead skin on the heel moccasin athlete foot

This is a photo of dead skin on my heel. If you are in this page, I am sure that you might have seen this before on your feet or someone’s feet in your family.

I had this problem for a long time, longer than 15 years, since I was a child. So I know very well how this dead skin on feet can annoy you in many ways in your life. When dead skin gets worse, it will make cracks and bleeding. This really bothers especially for people who often do watersports activities such as swimming, kayaking, and surfing. 

I am writing this article, because I want to share my experience and help you to make your feet smooth. I will go through some of the products I have used and different folk remedies I have done before.

Before that, I will first talk about the dead skin you have on your feet. By the way, I am not considering corn and callus in this article. But some of the products I introduce in this post may be used for corn and callus as well.

How much do you know about your dead skin?

If you want to fix a problem, you first need to get an accurate diagnosis. Of course, seeing a doctor is the best way.

BUT, I think that many people don’t want to show their feet to someone else even to a doctor especially if their feet look similar to the photo shown above.

Or, they might not clear whether having dead skin on the feet can be a reason to see a doctor. Or it is not a big deal for some people.

So, for those who want to treat it, they need to check whether their dead skin is actually due to athlete’s foot or not.

Most of you might think that athlete’s foot looks like the photos below where the skins are peeled off.

Yes, these are the common types of athlete’s foot. The first one is Interdigital type and the symptoms for this type is itchiness, stink, and peeling off skins near toes.

blisters athlete foot

The second one is Vesicobullous type and the symptoms are having blisters near toes and soles with itchiness.

But there is one more type of athlete’s foot called Moccasin Athlete’s Foot

cracked dead skin moccasin athlete foot

This type is less known to people. So, people may confuse with that they just have a lot of dead skin on feet because of their dry skin type and dry weather.

Symptom for moccasin athlete’s foot is that your feet skin gets harden. You have many layers of dead skins on the heel and you will get more layers if you don’t peel them off. Also your skin turns into white color.

If you don’t take care of this quickly, your dead skin gets cracked and it can cause bleeding. If nothing is done, the cracks get deeper and deeper. It really hurts when you walk. Also, you can’t enjoy your summer and watersports.

You will avoid wearing flip-flops or slides because you don’t want people to see your heel covered with cracked dead skin.

If people don’t recognize this dead skin as a type of athlete’s foot, they will keep continue buying and trying different exfoliating products such as removers and creams for entire their life. I did that for 15 years.

However once you recognize or accept that you have moccasin athlete’s foot, you can treat it in much shorter time. 

If you go see a doctor like dermatologist regarding this moccasin athlete’s foot, they will give you prescription for ointment and pills. At the same time, you also need to take care of your feet by peeling dead skins off using the right products.

What can cause moccasin athlete’s foot?

infection athlete foot cause dead skin

Now, you may be wondering why you have the athlete’s foot. One possibility is infection.

You can get infected by walking barefoot in public places like pools or gym locker rooms. Also you can get it when you share socks, shoes, towels, or bed sheets with someone who already has it. 

When you get infected from someone else, you will get the same type of athlete’s foot. It is very easy to get infected when one of your family member already has one. 

In a separate section below, I have listed things that you need to follow to prevent from getting worse and infecting others in your family. Once it is infected, it is takes time and effort to treat this athlete’s foot. So I strongly recommend you to follow the list. 

The two other types of athlete’s foot I mentioned, Interdigital type and vesicobullous type, commonly arise due to sweaty feet. It is often observed during pregnancy because of improper feet hygiene and hormonal changes. I personally don’t have experience with these two types of athlete’s foot, but I will do some research and post another article regarding this later. 

7 Things To Know When You Have Moccasin Athlete’s Foot

socks moccasin athlete's foot


  1. Wash your hand after touching your feet all the times
  2. Wear slippers at home
  3. Wear socks if you share bed with someone else
  4. Dry your feet after wash and put foot cream
  5. Spend time for steady care using right products


  1. Share bath towels, socks and shoes 
  2. Use nail clippers or utility knife to remove dead skin

How do I treat moccasin athlete’s foot?

online purchase foot cream

Don’t buy everything.

I have tried many exfoliating products and many foot cream products in my life, but not all of them worked for me.

Also, there are lots of folk or home remedies that people recommend on their blogs, Youtube, TV shows. But when I actually tried them, most of them didn’t work. Those remedies may work for people who have light dead skin.

To treat moccasin athlete’s foot, you need one exfoliating product and one foot cream that work best for you. It would be better if you can see a doctor to get prescription for ointment and pills.

Next, I will provide reviews on exfoliating products and foot cream products I have used. After that I will talk about home remedies that I personally recommend and do not recommend. 

Top 5 Foot Dead Skin Removal Products

type of callus remover foot

The order of listing for exfoliating products below is based on my personal experience and preference. If you know a better product, please leave a comment for me. 

1. Dead Skin Shaver

dead skin shaver heel

This is my favorite foot dead skin remover. It doesn’t look fancy like other remover products, but it works very well.

You don’t need to worry about getting a cut when using it. It is very safe to use and easy to clean.

The price is very good compare to other dead skin removing products.

Based on my experience, you may have to change it to a new one after about a month, because the blade is no longer sharp. 

TIP: Grab the shaver close to the head part and put your index (second) finger on the top of the head. If you grab it close to the tail part and do not put your index finger on the top of the head, then you can break the neck part of the shaver easily.

2. Zizzon Hard Skin Remover

dead skin shaver

I used this remover product made by ZIZZON until I found the first product above.

This product looks much better in design and has much sharper blade. Also it is made of stainless steel, so you do not have to worry about breaking the neck part. You just need to buy blades when it is no longer sharp. This company even offers 100% money refund.

You can find similar products to this one made by other brands. I just ordered this one because the price was good and there were lots of reviews. 

However, you need to be very careful when using this kind of products. You can cut yourself if you press too hard on your dead skin. After I cut myself very badly, I do not prefer to use remover with very sharp blade. If you can control yourself very well, this product could fit well to you.

TIP: Do not press too hard.

3. Colossal Foot Rasp

foot dead skin remover

4. Dead Skin Remove Stone

foot dead skin remove with stone

5. Foot Peel Mask

foot peeling mask dead skinThis foot peel mask products work well only if you don’t have moccasin athlete’s foot. It is for people who simply has light dead skin. If you have moccasin athlete’s foot then this is useless because it is peeled off over 5-7 days. But your dead skin will come back very shortly.     

TIP: Do not use this product if you have very thick layers of dead skin on your feet. Also you should not use this product and the foot shaver at the same time. 

Top 6 Foot Cream Products

1. Now Shea Butter Cream

shea butter now moisture foot

I am currently using this product after I shave the dead skin on my heel. This product is the best for me so far. I will review this product in more detail later.


  • 100% natural
  • Start with scrub texture and end with oil texture
  • No smell


  • Little oily after apply

2. Ebanel Urea Cream

dead skin urea cream


  • Light texture
  • Not greasy
  • All skin type


  • Close to lotion, not cream (watery)

3. Thena Foot Balm

foot balm by Thena


  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Smells good
  • Smooth texture


  • Greasy

4. Foot Cure Antifungal

anti-fungal foot balm cream


  • All natural
  • Not greasy
  • Smell like peppermint, cooling effect


  • Pricey

5. Tea Tree Foot Cream

tea tree oil foot cream


  • All natural
  • Nice fragrance (mint)


  • Less moisture

6. Probelle Foot Cream

foot cream probelle


  • Not greasy
  • Vitamins and natural oils incredient
  • Nice texture


  • Pricey

Top 5 Home Remedies Removing Dead Skin on Heel

home remedies removing dead skin

There’re several home remedies to remove dead skins on the heel which are fully available at home. Some of those amazing remedies for the moccasin athlete’s foot are:

1. Glycerin

rose water glycerin help to remove dead skin heel

It’s an exceptional moisturizing agent and it works perfectly to remove dead skins. It helps flaky and dry skins. Utilizing glycerin daily particularly during the winter season will aid in keeping the heel soft and healthy. Moreover, you might use some drop of rose water for an amazingly soothing effect. Because rose water is the best skincare substance. Using for heel and feet helps in making the heel smooth and supple.

2. Baking soda

baking soda home remedies dead skin

Baking soda has amazing exfoliating properties as well as a chemical-free anti-bacterial substance which assists in keeping dead skin infections away from the heel. It soothes and softens the heels with its wonderful anti-inflammatory agents though.

  • Take a tub of warm water and mix baking soda
  • Soak your heel in warm water for 8-10 minutes
  • Now take feet out and utilize a pumice stone to rub the heel
  • Now wash with warm water with a mild soap
  • Repeat this process 2 or 3 times a week until dead skins on heel remove

3. Lavender Oil and Olive oil

lavender olive oil remove dead skin heel

Both lavender oil and olive oil have stunning anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antioxidant, and healing properties. Both oils make the heel soft and nourished well. Just mix the 2 and use on your heel 2 times a day.

4. Use Pumice Stone or Foot Scrub

Pumice Stone scrub dead skin

This isn’t really home remedy but it is good habit to have. When you take a smooth warm shower, make it your habit to scrub your heel regularly. This will prevent any unwanted dead skin on the heel and also keep it soft and clean. 

5. Petroleum Jelly 

petroleum jelly

This is also not a home remedy, but I personally use both foot creams and Vaseline, not at the same time though. In winter when skin gets drier, I tend to use Vaseline more. Petroleum jelly is a mixture of mineral oil and wax. Major advantage comes from petroleum that helps in sealing the heel with water protective wall. This contains the moisture within the feet skin. Don’t forget to wear socks.

6. Orange Peel

orange peel

Orange peel has Alpha Hydroxy Acid which helps to remove dead skins and has moisturizing effect. Rub your heel with the white part of the peel. 



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